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Climate Action 2016 Summit


Taking place two weeks after the signing ceremony for the Paris Agreement, and eight months after the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by governments worldwide, the purpose of the Climate Action 2016 multi-stakeholder summit was to strengthen the commitment and approach to the climate implementation initiatives set forth in Paris.



BRAVO! was hired to design and produce the two-day summit, including the management of all registration, logistics, and financial partnerships. BRAVO! also developed the messaging, branding and communication strategy for the length of the event campaign, while also coordinating media outreach.



Climate Action 2016 summit drove high-level engagement with global luminaries addressing plenary sessions on how to deliver on climate commitments and embed the transformation agenda across the globe in government, key sectors and among the general population. At the same time, the summit focused on convening working groups for sessions on near-term implementation actions and long-term implementation needs through the involvement of more than 700 guests. Notable speakers included UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, former Vice President Al Gore and science Educator and media personality, Bill Nye. An opening reception was held at the Phillips Collection to welcome guests prior to the start of the summit. 

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