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The Process

Where are you in the planning process?






Is an event the right tool to position your organization as a thought leader?



Why are you having an event?


Do you have the staff and the time to produce one?


Do you have board member buy in?


Do you have resonating content to use at your event?


Is an event feasible for your organization? 





Our free one hour consultation with BRAVO!'s CEO and Founder will help guide you through these important questions as you prepare your organization to host an event. An event’s objectives must be clear before the concept development and logistical planning can begin. Through group discussions, we will assess your needs, identify your resources and gain an understanding of your organization’s culture.  


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Events are an integral part of an organization’s marketing, branding and messaging efforts. Our concept development process provides clients with a unique and clear road map to a successful, sustainable event. Through this process, the objectives of your event are made clear before the logistical planning begins. Team BRAVO! will work with you to clearly layout the goals and objectives of all stakeholders and implement tools for measuring success. This will result in an amazing ‘live experience’ with impact! 

How does the event fit into your organization's marketing and business development objectives?


What is the theme of your event?


How will you create awareness for your event?


What content must be shared?


How will you measure the success of your event?



Which vendor partners will you use?

Our objective is to ensure you have an event with sustainable impact and measurable results. With BRAVO!’s working knowledge of the strategic process, experience in execution and relationships with some of the industry’s top vendors, we believe our success system can be a real game changer for your organization. Our proven suite of services delivers quantifiable outcomes that make it easy for you to meet your budget and prove that every dollar was intelligently invested. In an economy where results matter, we believe it can be a win-win collaborative effort for your organization and our firm.

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