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Build a Brand Campaign

BRAVO! believes in the value and importance of branding. Here are five effective strategies for building a brand campaign written by Douglas Wendt from Wendt Partners.

1. Develop the language before the 'look'. In order to design a corporate logo or marketing resource that reflects your brand we need to define that brand in words- what it represents, what it evokes and what it stands for. Starting with language also gives your employees a clear sense of your intended direction, and sets the stage for their participation.

2. Start with the story. What makes your business come alive in the marketplace best? The experiences of those whose lives are better because of it- your customers, employees, and partners- described in vivid and powerful narratives and images. The more you uncover and share these vignettes, the more your brand will come alive.

3. Develop brand ambassadors. If stories are the backbone of a compelling brand, then the people behind the stories makes the best storytellers. Developing and supporting these employees, customers and partners can supercharge not only your marketing efforts, but also your recruitment and retention initiatives.

4. Focus on communities, not compaigns. The evolution of social media only reinforces a reality that has always rung true- building a community around your business will always lead to more lasting results because you are creating an environment in which people contribute ideas and offer meaningful feedback.

5. Choreograph brand encounters. The gold standard of Brand-Driven Leadership is how well your company delivers powerful and reliable brand encounters to its customers. The components of the encounter include everything around the customer- environmental design, marketing communications, product packaging, forms, phone scripts, website self-service tools and much more. Focus on the details and your customers will take notice.

Brand-driven leadership: Aligning your business to succeed in a challenging marketplace

Wendt Partner's Smart CEO's White Paper

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