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Emotionally Appealing Event Strategies

An organization’s viability depends on how well it is perceived by its stakeholders, consumers, donors, and team. Establishing an online presence is crucial to keeping up with a demanding marketplace, especially a marketplace that has become so transparent through the consumer eye. For an organization to attain long term sustainability it must engage with its customers, create brand ambassadors, and become a reliable and trustworthy source of information.

BRAVO! works with our clients to create event experiences that emotionally appeal to attendees. We have over twenty years of experience observing how all audiences, private to public, respond to live experiences. These observations have provided BRAVO! with the insight to develop innovative best practices for effective audience engagement techniques that translate to annual marketing campaigns for organizations.

Ever wonder why you can recall certain experiences, almost to the exact detail, and forget others? Understanding the answer is critical in determining what is going to make an impact on your audience.

Part of our process as a marketing firm is to always challenge human emotion. We take every opportunity to create experiences that maximize all the senses to create the ultimate live experience.


BRAVO! was engaged to help a firm solidify the acquisition of several companies at an employee appreciation/rebranding event. When a company is acquired, changes must be implemented within the organization; when nine companies are acquired, these changes are magnified. Employees need to feel appreciated and part of the new team, and they need to understand their value in order for productivity to increase. Understanding the emotional impact this event would have on the newly acquired employees is how we created a live experience that had a motivating, inclusive and encouraging impact on its attendees.

We recognized right away that this event had to be unique and it had to be fun. It could not be a stuffy auditorium where the employees had limited mobility. Nine companies were becoming one team so we decided to create an over the top experience by bringing the employees to Nationals Stadium in Washington, DC. The venue was the perfect foundation for the rebranding event; the ballpark colors happened to match the new brand and the ability to use all of the stadium's technology was perfect in creating a whole experience.

Momentum for this event started with the distribution of Flat ACEs several weeks in advance. Employees were asked to submit photos of “Where in the World is Flat Ace.” This built healthy competition and great pride when guests walked into the stadium to see their images on the big screens.

With a new tagline of People, Passion and Performance, the program addressed that the greatest asset of this organization was its people which was critical in providing employees with a sense of truly belonging! The executive team was presented from home plate as the “line up” with “stats" and every final stat was his of her favorite thing about the company. Every answer was OUR people – this created an emotional hook that was followed by a passionate presentation from the CEO calling the new team to action! Then with a " 5,4,3,2,1 " the new logo was launched to the screens throughout the park and branded baseball caps were distributed simultaneously creating a unifier! Employees were no longer 9 different companies they were now ONE that was going to make a difference! The celebration continued with interactive team games, opportunities to meet one another and much more!

Flat Ace was designed to engage employees with the expectation that following the launch this fun character would be retired – his impact was so powerful he lives on to this day! Today the company utilizes the Flat Ace in day-to-day communications, live experiences and contests, and marketing campaigns. You will find Flat Ace documented on this company’s website next to quote that reads, “I value a company who values its employees.”

Think about the impact a piece of paper had on this group. Perhaps Flat Stanley brought back memories of the employees' own childhoods or possible school assignments with their own children. For some reason, no matter how big or small it may be, Flat Stanley stole the show and has become the icon that represents the value of the employee.

At BRAVO! we approach every client’s need with the same mindset-

How can we help you achieve your goals by creating unique and engaging live experiences that have long term impact?

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