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Integrated Marketing Events

Live events are held for numerous reasons: fundraising and awareness building to sales, education and morale building, organizational celebrations and so much more! Each of these is a huge marketing platform but we have found that far too often this is overlooked or considered secondary. More often than not, people don’t think outside the box as to how the attendees experience will impact the marketing of one’s organization or mission. How to design and use a live experience as such is where the challenge lies for both marketing and event professionals.

To maximize the return on investment, a live experience has to be created as more than just “the event” and when done strategically it becomes an integral part of an integrated marketing campaign. Though becoming less of an exception and more of the norm, organizations are stepping back and rethinking how a live experience will impact not only the attendees but everyone who is in some way connected to it – think 7 degrees of separation. An events impact for good (the goal) or bad (sadly sometimes the case) is far reaching. Strategic thinking when planning an event provides the foundation to create sustainable impact, measurable outcomes and maximize the experience.

While the events industry and the marketing industry have always been friendly, at times they and their clients seem to see things so differently. We know when there is change in this type of thinking it will make a difference in the smallest and largest of ways. Changing how events are used, measured, executed and valued is critical in this economy and requires a new way of thinking.

We were so excited to see that the AMA (American Marketing Association) believes as we do, so much so that they have created an opportunity for their members to learn how to do just this. Partnered with a planner that believes as BRAVO!, they are hosting a seminar in Austin. Their goal is to teach marketing professionals to think differently and understand the key tactics of using events as a powerful tool within their marketing campaigns.

We are committed to teaching our clients to think differently and how to create events that are sustainable integrated marketing tools! With a better understanding of how these two industries are connected and impact one another, the divide between marketing and events is narrowing and we could not be happier! Good luck to AMA, The JHL Company, and those in Austin who attend this seminar, we know the event and marketing industry will be better equipped for having done so!

At BRAVO!, our value statement is such: Long after the last guest departs the impact of an extraordinary event lives on! We challenge you to think strategically as you approach your next live experience and event!

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