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Legacy Day at Eastern Senior High School

Nancy Shaffer, BRAVO!'s Founder and CEO, participated in Legacy Day, a career-focused, half-day program to provide guidance and support to the students of Eastern Senior High School in SE, Washington, DC. This is Eastern's 4th Annual Legacy Day and it draws in a large and supportive group of professionals to speak to students about their career progression and background. As Nancy stood in front of a captive class of 30 eleventh graders during second period, she said "Working with young people fills my soul; you are our future. I learn as much from you as you learn from me." The opportunity for Nancy to address students attending the second largest public high school in Washington, DC was an honor!

The principal of Eastern Senior High School began the morning with an orientation and encouraged all the participants to have an engaging conversation with the students. The principal talked about the development of Eastern Senior High and how well it has transitioned into a top performing school within DC Public Schools. She spoke proudly of her students and staff. When the orientation ended, students escorted the participants to the classrooms where they would be addressing the students.

During the two sessions, Nancy was joined by an Anesthesiologist and a DEA Agent. Each received time to talk about their backgrounds and careers followed by a Q&A session with the students. Each speaker encouraged the students to find a motivational support group and to develop a healthy curiosity for life. The experience was poignant and provided a platform for the students to develop as they move through the phases in their lives. Nancy wrapped up her sessions by telling students to be curious, ask questions, seek out careers in which they find passion as that leads to happiness and fulfillment.

BRAVO! is thrilled to be able to participate in programs such as this and we are always open to sharing our experience, knowledge and passion. Our heart is in public service and being able to interact with our community to make a difference is a top priority. We would like to thank Eastern Senior High School for the opportunity to participate in the program and to meet wonderful people along the way!

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If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about Eastern Senior High School, please click here for information.

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