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Eventfully Blonde: Week 4

Welcome to Eventfully Blonde, Jessica Sula's weekly blog about her experience being a summer intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Jess!

Week 4

June 22-26, 2015

Just arriving back in D.C. late last night after an exciting weekend, I have had to pull myself together and get ready for another eventful week at BRAVO! Last week in the office we spent much of our time focusing on the preparation for The Walk to End HIV, and even spending some time at Whitman Walker’s office with their team to discuss sponsorship and design. Starting to put this walk together has truly opened my eyes to what all it takes to put a 5k together that most do not even realize, I definitely didn’t. I am looking forward to being a part of the collaboration to execute this event and am truly interested in seeing how it will turn out, although there is still quite a bit of time to go before the event actually is and still a long way to go to put it all together.

Taking a step outside of the office, I am truly blessed to have been in this amazing city during the moment in history that took place on Friday, June 26. I’m sure we all realize I am talking about the Supreme Court ruling same-sex marriage to be legal nationwide. Although I was not able to be at the Supreme Court the morning of due to obligations with The Washington Center, the atmosphere was truly felt wherever you went in the city. To me, that is what makes living in D.C. such a wonderful place to be, to be a part of the monumental decisions and changes within the U.S. and to feel that sense of accomplishment even when just walking the streets.

As for my weekend spent home in Pittsburgh, love was in the air there as well as I celebrated my uncles wedding on Saturday. Although a change of the ceremony plans had been made due to awful weather, the wedding still turned out remarkable. Any time my whole family has a chance to get together we make the best of it because we know these moments do not happen often, especially with me being away from home this summer. The night was spent enjoying each other’s company with laughter, dancing and a few drinks. Before I knew it, the night was over and I was waking up Sunday morning with a heavy heart having to leave and say goodbye.

Now, I have to admit, I am eager for the 4th of July weekend to begin but I am ready to dive back into the planning and preparation for all of the upcoming events. As always, cheers to whatever comes next!

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