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Independence Gay: Week 7

Welcome to Independence Gay, Bryan Blanchard's weekly blog about his experience being a summer intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Bryan!

Week 7

July 13-July 17 , 2015

Hey guys, welcome back to Independence Gay! This week has proven to be full of surprises and some really great lessons here at the office. So our Project Coordinator, Lacey, and our Director of Marketing, Kristin, went to the Taylor Swift concert at Nat’s Stadium early this week. Can we talk about how jealous I am? I mean, I could have bought last minute tickets…. For a few hundred dollars! Not happening. Instead I chose to live vicariously through my two Bravo blondes and swoon at all their awesome pictures and stories from the concert. This week’s shoutout has to go to T-Swift. Sorry about it.

Even though Kensey has been working from home, it's like she's still in the office via our Skype and phone calls. We all miss her, but c'est la vie. On the client front, I've been heavily focused on the Maunter Project's 25th Anniversary Celebration and the Walk to End HIV. From participant calls on the hotline to creating graphic mockups for marketing assets, the Walk is definitely one of my strongest projects. On Tuesday our Walk team met with the National Parks Department to secure permits for our Walk in October. It was such an interesting experience to sit in on a meeting with a government agency and get a glimpse at what the federal side of events is like. On the Mautner side, I was asked to create the spec sheet for sponsorship logos and advertisements displayed at the event! I'm really happy to be able to show the team and our clients some of my design works, and it's even better when they love the ideas I come up with.

We also celebrated Jess's birthday at the office on Thursday! The girls decorated Jess's desk in cute, pink decorations, but you'll have to check out Eventfully Blonde for more details on that! Lunch at El Centro on 14th was so delicious, but I definitely went too hard on the chips and salsa. What can I say, my inner fat kid can't resist bottomless chips.... I'll cry about it later at the gym, but for now it's back to work and some weekend fun! So until next time, stay fab!

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