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Eventfully Blonde: Week 8

Welcome to Eventfully Blonde, Jessica Sula's weekly blog about her experience being a summer intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Jess!

Week 8

July 20 -July 25, 2015

It is truly crazy to actually say that this is my second to last week here at the BRAVO! office as well as being in D.C. The reality is definitely setting in as I realize that I will not be returning to college after this experience is over, but instead I will entering the real world searching for a career. As I am spending my last moments of both being a BRAVO! intern and a college student, I am ready to enjoy them to the fullest since I am already feeling the stress of post-grad life knowing that it will only grow when all of this actually comes to an end.

But, back to my last weeks of being at BRAVO! In the previous week, we all have been hard at work in the preparing of events for our clients Whitman-Walker Health, Smithsonian, NYSCF and a few new ones that have just came our way. With Whitman-Walker specifically, I was lucky enough to be a part of a kick-off meeting at their office discussing concepts and planning for another event that will be held in the fall. Personally, I find meetings in person with clients most interesting for the fact that everyone is given the option to openly collaborate ideas with one another in regards to everything from event title to who the entertainment will be. This is a part of the planning process I genuinely enjoy which is another part of the industry that catches my interest.

During the week the team took another one of our weekly lunches out together but this time it was to enjoy time with Kristin since it was her last day in the office with us. There will definitely be a different feel in the office as Kristin won’t constantly be making jokes and bringing light to any situation but, we all know she is just a call away and will always be a “BRAVO! GIRL” as Nancy calls it.

As for my weekend in D.C., my parents decided to take a trip here to visit and had stayed both Friday and Saturday evening. Friday night, we enjoyed dinner and drinks together at Todd Gray’s Watershed catching up with one another as well as discussing my future plans. Early the next morning, I decided to take them to one of my favorite spots I have found in D.C., which is more of an out of the city area, The Washington Harbour. We enjoyed a seafood lunch on the waterfront and spent some time walking along the water (which we went back to on Sunday as well). From lunch, we attempted to go to The National Mall to sight-see but my parents quickly realized that D.C. is not a place meant for driving and/or parking. So, we had to drive back and park at the hotel to then take the metro, which was their first metro experience ever. But, we did finally end up visiting The White House and the Washington Monument as well as The Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool. Overall, it was amazing to spend time with my parents here as well as allow them to see first-hand what I have been experiencing in the city over this summer.

With this weekend coming up, I plan on fully living it up with the friends who I have made here since it will be the last one I have in the city. I am excited to come back with the many stories from the weekend as well as all of my experiences of my last weeks here. As always, cheers to whatever comes next!

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