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Traces of Capitol Hill: Week 1

Welcome to Traces of Capitol Hill, Tracy Parco's weekly blog about her experience being a fall intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Tracy!

Week 1

August 31 - September 4, 2015

Hello, Internet!

This feels a little bit like an entry profile to an online dating website, but, hey, here’s to trying new things right? I think that’s what they always say on those websites. Well, anyways, I’m Tracy, one of the newest additions to the BRAVO! Team here in the Capitol.

According to my Instagram profile, which Blair (one of the other new interns here at BRAVO!) pointed out to me the other day, I’m an adventurer, brunch enthusiast, and proud owner of two succulents. Which, I suppose is fairly accurate, although, I don’t recall actually ever writing that. In my spare time, I love being outdoors—hiking, paddleboarding, or playing tennis. I’m originally from Orange County, California, so naturally, I’m a big fan of kale and most vegetarian food. I also really like bagels—so if you ever need to win me over, I suggest an everything bagel with cream cheese. My cacti, unfortunately, couldn’t make the journey with me to DC but they have a temporary home in Boston (where I attend school) and are being taken care of in my absence.

Here in Washington D.C., I have never been so constantly busy and moving in my life. Not to mention, how much walking I have already done exploring the city. I love how casually I can walk from museums to monuments to memorials in just a matter of minutes, so I guess I won’t be doing a whole lot of Netflix-binging here—there’s too much to do!

My first week at BRAVO! has already been incredibly fun and exciting—everything from taking the bus to work to receiving personalized BRAVO! M&M’s on the first day to our first all-hands meeting, which went over all the projects we would be working on this fall. We are constantly checking our e-mails and joining conference calls and meetings to be brought up to date on all of our upcoming events for this fall, which include a couple galas and a trip to New York City.

The rest of the team here at BRAVO! is amazing! I felt very welcomed as a member of the team on my first day with my own desk and my own computer with my very own set of computer issues and my own office phone (and extension line!).

So far this week has gone relatively smoothly for us interns, but rumor has it, that that won’t last too much longer. From what I understand, the storm is brewing. For now though, I intend to remain optimistic (or maybe naïve) and excited for what the next few months and the events-life have in store for me! Until next time, xoxo, Gossip Girl. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

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