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According to Plan: Weeks 7-9

Welcome to According to Plan, Madison Oberg's weekly blog about her experience being a fall intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Madison!

Weeks 7-9

October 12 - October 30, 2015

It feels like a year since I’ve last blogged (but in reality it’s been about three very long weeks). In that time, I’ve traveled from literally coast to coast taking care of work events and unexpected family needs. Although October ended on a slightly crazy note, these experiences reminded me of what is truly important and just how supported I am when I can’t handle things on my own. I know Thanksgiving is several weeks away, but I’m going to take this opportunity to count a few of my blessings—because it’s never too early, right?

First, I’m thankful for my BRAVO! internship. I have gained so much from this experience, including crucial critical thinking skills and a better understanding of the hard work that actually goes into creating enjoyable and impactful live experiences. I’ve also learned that I might be interested in pursuing a career in this field after graduation, which is one of the most valuable takeaways I could have hoped for. Beyond this, I’ve had SO. MUCH. FUN. Hosting the NYSCF gala event in New York City, eating (way too much) great Italian food and making meaningful relationships with my colleagues are just a few of the perks. I love what I’m doing and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit in DC!

Next, I’m thankful for my extensive support system. When a family emergency meant a booking a last minute trip home to Oregon, everyone offered to step in and help. I cannot express how overwhelmed I was by this outpouring of love and support. This was such an incredible reminder of just how blessed I am to have friends all over the nation. Last week was full of lots of prayers and lots of patience, but I have to remember that I can’t fix everything and trust that it’s going to be okay. Sometimes life is hard, but dealing with issues as they arise is the only way that it gets better. I am so well loved and so well cared for, and knowing I have people on my team makes each day a little brighter.

Finally, I’m thankful for all the great things that are still to come this semester and beyond! I’m going to make the most of the remainder of my time in DC (brunching, dancing with my friends, continuing to try to track down Michelle Obama and her rocking arms, etc.) but I’m also very much looking forward to returning to TCU in the spring. As seems to be the theme of my life this fall, I’m focusing on enjoying the good things and learning from the rest!

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