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Making Social Media Work for Your Event Campaign and Brand – Part One

As a strategic event design and management firm, BRAVO! realizes how crucial developing a strong social media presence is for producing a successful and marketable event. The impact you make online can transform a guest’s experience into an engaging extension of a company’s brand and messaging. We’ve created a short article series to help illustrate the importance of different social media platforms and how to best make social media work for your organization.

Please read below for a few of our insights and tips on how BRAVO! approaches the integration of event-based social media.

Pre-Event Strategies

1. Get to know your audience:

To make the most of your time on social – and any ad spend – start by analyzing your target demographic/audience for both your brand and event to be sure you are using the right platforms and setting the right tone. If you position the audience to include women, ages 20-29 with post-secondary education in the DMV-area, you can shape your message more clearly. Define the audience offline, let the event guide the decision.

2. Get to know your platforms:

A basic overview to understand your platforms can help you see the content through the eyes of your users. In our experience, Twitter skews younger, capturing those in their teens to mid-thirties while Facebook’s activity is promoted largely by users in late-thirties to early-fifties. This isn’t to say that these media are solely used by that age range, but we have found that these generalized numbers are often the constant. Take a close look at your account statistics to see who is listening to you on each platform. Who is engaging most – when?

3. Bring it together:

Understanding who you want to reach – and who is listening across your platforms, you can start to form your messages to reach the users you are targeting when, how, and where they are listening.

Thank you for engaging with BRAVO! Events. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our company and our services! We’ll be back with Part Two of this series for the next Wisdom Wednesday!

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