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A Perry Good Time: Week 2

Welcome to A Perry Good Time, Alex Perry's weekly blog about her experience being a fall intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Alex!

Week 2

September 12 - September 16, 2016

That photo there? That might just look like a photo of a sidewalk in D.C. … and it IS a photo of a sidewalk in D.C. But it ALSO is…. WHERE I MET BERNIE SANDERS. I KNOW.

*Flashback to Thursday, September 8. It’s a warm morning, not too hot – PSYCH! It’s ALWAYS too hot here – I’m walking to work.*

Wow! That looks like a cute little place for brunch! Wonder if they have bottomless mimosas. Gotta look that up and tell TJ (my roommate). Huh… that man…

That man… kind of looks like Bernie Sanders…

God. Don’t be THAT girl who assumes any older, white, Jewish man is Bernie Sanders. Poor older, white, Jewish men. EVERYONE probably assumes they’re Bernie Sanders.

But… that man really looks like Bernie Sanders… wait… that man… IS Bernie Sanders…

“Excuse me, Senator?”

The man stops. “Good morning,” he replies.

Holy shit. You’re talking to Bernie Sanders.

“Good morning! Isn’t today your birthday?” (I know, I know. I kinda rock. I had seen it on Facebook.)

“It is indeed,” Bernie says.

Holy shit. You’re talking to Bernie Sanders on his birthday.

“Well, happy birthday Senator. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

“Thank you. You kno-“ *cell phone ringing* “Excuse me, one second.”

You gotta ask him for a selfie. You gotta ask him for a selfie. You gotta ask him for-

“Sorry,” he mouths. “I gotta take this.”


I walked the rest of the way to work stunned. I had met Bernie Sanders. THE Bernie Sanders. I didn’t get a selfie with him. That’s the hip thing to do nowadays. But I had STILL met Bernie Sanders! I quickly told my friend Jake from home and received the following text: “Well, you should probably just leave DC now. You’ve peaked. We didn’t think it was going to be so soon… but… it really isn’t going to get much better than this.”

But, forever the obsessive, I believe it might get better. Or, at least, stay at the same level. Well… maybe slightly lower. I met BERNIE SANDERS. But still.

The rest of the week proved to be less exciting but still just grand. We were in the office all week gearing up for the DC Chamber Golf Classic next Tuesday. (Still haven’t bought Golf for Dummies. Will Google instead.) After making a long, long, long checklist and assigning tasks to the team, we were off! The thing that’s so great about working at BRAVO! (other than everything) is that every day isn’t the same (and sometimes Nancy brings in bagels!). One day I’m at a meeting, the next day I’m stuffing SWAG bags, that afternoon I’m working on a deck for our client to present to their board, Bryan is taking my headshot, you name it. Not only am I learning and developing lots of different skills, every day is fresh and exciting in the process. Swiggity swag.

So, I met Bernie Sanders, and I’ve been here less than a month! I didn’t get a selfie with him, but hey, at least I walk to work every day now.

~Will Alex ever be reunited with Bernie? Will she learn enough about golf in time for the golf classic on Tuesday? How many mimosas is too many mimosas at bottomless brunch? What exactly IS a golf classic? TUNE IN NEXT FRIDAY FOR MORE ON “A PERRY GOOD TIME!”~

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