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A Perry Good Time: Week 3

Welcome to A Perry Good Time, Alex Perry's weekly blog about her experience being a fall intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Alex!

Week 3

September 19 - September 23, 2016

- In the event management industry, golf classics are considered especially interesting. In DC, the dedicated planners who worked at the Annual DC Chamber Golf Classic for 2016 are members of an elite squad known as the BRAVO! team. This is their intern’s story [DUN DUN]. -

3:45 AM – Nope.

4:00 AM – I guess it has to be a yes.

4:45 AM – Waiting outside for Nancy to pick me up. The security guard at the front desk seems a little confused. Note to self: some interesting characters hang out around the area at 4:45 AM (if ya know what I mean).

5:30 AM – Nancy, Bryan, Cassie and I have arrived at The Country Club at Woodmore. Between now and the opening of registration at 7, we need to finish up the (swiggity) SWAG bags and set up everything for check in.

6:00 AM – All of the lights go out in the parking lot and outside the clubhouse. “Did they blow a fuse?” All Woodmore employees seem unfazed. BRAVO! is using flashlights. We are later told that the lights are on a timer so they go out when the sun begins to rise…

6:30 AM – The sun finally begins to rise.

7:00 AM – Check in is open and our first guests are starting to arrive! I’m manning the raffle ticket and mulligan ticket sales station. Thank god 80% of sales were cash instead of card because our swiper did NOT like me very much (I know. Rude). Shout out to Lucky from DC Chamber for swiping every card – I guess you could say he had the lucky touch [BADUMDUM].

8:30 AM – After some opening remarks from the President of the DC Chamber of Commerce, Vincent Orange, the Golf Classic Chair and Board Member, Carolyn Howell, and the Golf Pro at Woodmore, Brandon Meadows, the foursomes are off and I’m happily eating an egg and cheese biscuit sandwich (and drinking my fourth cup of coffee for the day).

10:30 AM – Raffle tickets sales are back open for Lunch at the Turn! I’ve decided I’m a pretty good sales person.

2:30 PM – Here we are… the moment of all moments... THE AWARDS! WOW! And the raffle drawing! DOUBLE WOW! And the DINNER. TRIPLE. WOW. I think that’s really all everyone needs in life: awards, prizes, and food.

3:45 PM – Carl Hairston, the Board Chair, has spoken, Vincent Orange has presented the awards and given his closing remarks, and all of the guests are full and happy. Everyone begins to depart which means it is time for me to….

4:00 PM – Eat (⌐■_■)) (that’s a sunglasses emoticon for all you post-AIM people out there).

5:30 PM – Nancy drops me off at my apartment after a lovely debrief in the car. My high? Getting to meet some great people on the DC Chamber of Commerce team and interacting with some very genuine guests. My low? Not taking better advantage of the chicken wings while eating dinner. ~*Regrets*~

5:31 PM – There are few things I desire in life. My #1 will always be bed (a certain somebody isn’t going to be happy about that statement). A close #2 is a glass of wine.

5:35 PM – *sitting in bed with a glass of wine in hand singing “I Will Always Love You”*

8:00 PM – After calling my parents, eating a slice of the worst pizza of my life (side note: why is there no good pizza here? I have only had one good piece of pizza so far. Plz help me.), and practically staring at a wall for 2 hours I ---



Exciting week next week, folks! Tune in to hear about my fun weekend (hello Oktoberfest brunch!), even more DC Chamber news (hoo ha! Gala comin’ up!), and the deets of an up close and personal interview with a swiggity swag lady in the industry (who IS it?). TTFN.

Thank you to Kea Taylor, our wonderful event photographer, for the photo above! Check out her work here!

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