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A Perry Good Time: Week 5

Welcome to A Perry Good Time, Alex Perry's weekly blog about her experience being a fall intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Alex!

Dock5 - A Vintage Affair 2016

Week 5

October 3 - October 7, 2016

Welcome back! This past week was JAM PACKED. So buckle up, ladies and gents. We’re going in.

MY PARENTS CAME TO VISIT ME! We aren’t a picture-taking family (yeah, you’re right, it is kinda lame of us) so no pictures of the fam this weekend. But we ARE an eating and drinking and having fun family so LOTS of fun deets for you all! I had a bad cold last week even though I had been getting enough sleep, eating vegetables, and selling my soul to the devil for the last 21 years… wait… But the Perry/Lewis family had a great time walking the streets of DC and eating along the way. The way a city vacation should be!

One of the most memorable meal moments? Bottomless brunch at Pennsylvania 6. (PRO TIP: bottomless mimosas or bloodys for $18 dollhairs at a build-your-own bar! Garnishes galore! Check it out!) Oh! AND if you take a peek at that photo up there, you can see a black and white of Kirk Douglas – a St Lawrence University alumnus! The Perry/Lewis family was thrilled to dine below/with Kirk. It’s always a party with 2 SLU-zers in the room.

Some other great spots we checked out? Lavagna, The Pub and The People, and we OBVIOUSLY went to Union Market for some oysters at Rappahannock… and Takorean… and Righteous Cheese. All great meals! Sunday was spent at Arlington National Cemetery in the morning, and later at our friend’s house for Grace’s first birthday! Our family friends have a son who lives in Alexandria, and there was a little shindig for their 1-year-old! Chris and Diane left on Monday morning (I know, it makes me sad, too) and I headed off to work. See you in a month or so ma and pa!

As for the work week, the BRAVO! team was busy, busy, busy! This week marked the one-month point until the Chamber’s Choice Awards and Gala we have coming up on November 4th. We have been covering ALL the bases. On my plate? Securing a photo booth for the guests, iPads for registration, and radios for our staff so we can tell each other juicy secrets communicate regardless of location in the venue. Apart from rentals, I’ve also been reaching out to sponsors to gather their guest names for registration. Hoo ha!

While I’ve been conversing with some lovely sales representatives (that wasn’t sarcastic btw, they really are lovely) Bryan has been designing the print program (and much, much more) and LET ME TELL YOU, it is pretty swiggity swag. Meanwhile, Nancy does everything imaginable and manages to balance multiple projects at a time while ALSO submitting proposals for more. I know, I work with a pretty great bunch. Nancy, Bryan, and I all have a to-do list that’s pages and pages long (no, really, it’s quite literally multiple pages), but we’re still all doing our tasks with a smile!

One of the things the BRAVO! team has to smile about this week? A housewarming happy hour at Michelle’s new home! Michelle is our Operations Manager, and she recently relocated from Maryland to the Northeast area of DC. Great food and drinks, new friends, AND I ended up with FOUR BOTTLES of Michelle’s bottled jerk sauce in my bag. Success!

Well that’s all, folks! On the docket for this week: a St Lawrence University get-together, a MIDTERM, and a *~tasting~*. TTFN.

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