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A Perry Good Time: Week 6

Welcome to A Perry Good Time, Alex Perry's weekly blog about her experience being a fall intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Alex!

Alex Perry - NPR

Week 6

October 10 - October 14, 2016

WOW! This past week has been filled with a very, very special group of people. No, not my BRAVO! coworkers. They’re part of EVERY week. No, this week it was SLU people! North Country folk! The SLUZERS! The Laurentians! The SAINTS! I had the pleasure of spending a good chunk of my time with St. Lawrence University Alums, and LET ME TELL YOU: it was great.

The SLU extravaganza started off last Friday, actually. After meeting up with TJ and Natalie (the other two SLU students in DC this semester at The Washington Center) we all headed on over to… NPR. (I KNOW). We met up with Jackson Penfield-Cyr ‘12 who gave us a bangin’ tour of the HEADQUARTERS while covering the details of the LEED certified building to the inner-workings of the different departments. We even got to check out the bees in their respective hives: All Stings Considered and Swarming Edition. Hahahahahah.. haha. Haaaaaa.

At 4 PM it was time for the most exciting part of all: an All Things Considered live taping! The four of us found two trustees, Sharee Freeman ’76 and Jon Cardinal ‘08, and headed into the studio to hear the news, check out the sound board (well… that was just me) and, most of all, MAJOR LEAGUE FANGIRL. The night concluded with some pizza and conversation because we’re adults and that’s what adults do. I heard about Jon’s time on the Hill, Jackson’s recent grad adventures in the development world, and Sharee’s inspiring life story. It was so comforting to see the SLU alumni network in action. Laurentians ROCK!

The rest of the week flew by and before I knew it it was the weekend. The work week was filled with plenty of time researching products and doing price comparisons for the Gala coming up on November 4th. Photo booths, live walls, and iPads galore! The highlight of the work week? I went to my very first TASTING! I didn’t know I could eat that much! (That’s a lie. I totally knew I could eat that much. That’s just what ladies are supposed to say. Imagine me as one of those stock photo women laughing eating salads.) Once the weekend rolled around I was ready for a little R&R. And the real way to rest and relax? Hang out with more SLU alums! I met Katie Centabar ’16 for brunch in Dupont. What a rockstar! (Fun fact everyone, Katie was actually my FIRST FRIEND from SLU! We met on Tumblr in the summer of 2013. L. O. L. Gr8 times.) It was pretty swiggity swag to catch up with such a lovely lady over bottomless mimosas (of course) and breakfast food! And I heard about her brand spankin’ new job at WWF in the development department!

But the Laurentian I see ALL THE TIME? TJ Brown ’17. My ROOMIE! She is the absolute BEST, you guys. She pretty much makes this whole thing worthwhile, tbh. What did TJ and I get up to this week, you ask? Beers at Wunder Garten (shout out to our friend Dylan), errands, and plenty of time doing our absolute favorite thing: BEING IN BED! I watched my fair share of The X Files and enjoyed one or two glasses of prosecco. Smashing!

I have a big week coming up and I am ready to rock ‘n roll. An interview with Elizabeth Dobbins at the DC Chamber, STILL preppin’ for the Gala (it never stahps!), and I’m SURE some very silly times with Bryan Blanchard (best coworker ever). ~*pce&&luv*~

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