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A Perry Good Time: Week 7

Welcome to A Perry Good Time, Alex Perry's weekly blog about her experience being a fall intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Alex!

Alex Perry - NPR

Week 7

October 17 - October 21, 2016

You aren’t in a Free People catalogue, that’s just me wearing a Free People dress! Welcome back to A Perry Good Time, let’s get started!

Work was pretty typical last week – lots of emails, lots of meetings, and lots of projects! The Gala is now less than 2 weeks away and it is CRUNCH TIME. The BRAVO! team did take some time, however, to go to the new &pizza that has opened RIGHT NEXT TO OUR OFFICE!!!! I KNOW!!! Nancy treated the team (thanks again, Nancy!) and we all enjoyed our personal pies. Thursday was all giggles with Bryan Blanchard, best coworker ever. He said silly things and I laughed at him. I said silly things and he rolled his eyes at me. Ahhhhh. Friendship.

This weekend I’ve been relishing in the fact that REI is now open a block away from my apartment, and TJ and I have made a friend at the Wunder Garten who pours us great beers. DILLON, YOU ROCK! REI takes me back to my childhood days camping, hiking, and exploring my way through the mountains and waters of Maine with family and friends. And it also makes me think of my second home: St. Lawrence University. After seeing so many amazing pictures of the fall in Upstate NY (almost winter there! *shudder*) I can honestly say I’ve never fully appreciated Northeastern leaves until now. But I’m not that upset that it isn’t 38 degrees in the District (sucks to suck Katrina Lane!).

A highlight of the weekend? Ballet at The Kennedy Center on Sunday afternoon with my roommate Kennedy! We saw the Susanne Farrell Ballet and hot diggity dog it was great! I stared at the lights about half of the time (warning: if you ever plan on taking a technical theater course focusing on lighting design, be prepared to not actually watch any full show ever again). The costumes, the drops, the dancing – everything was fab. I’ve missed spending time in a theater, that’s for sure, so it was nice to revisit ~*the stage*~.

This upcoming week I’ve got a lot of work to do. It’s the week before our November 4th event which means registration galore! But you know what else is coming up? Halloween weekend! Frightful, fanciful festivities! What’s my costume? Tune in to my blog next week to find out! ooOooOoOOOOoOo… spoopy.

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