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A Perry Good Time: Weeks 10 & 11

Welcome to A Perry Good Time, Alex Perry's weekly blog about her experience being a fall intern for BRAVO!. We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Alex!

Alex Perry - Chamber's Choice Gala Collage

Weeks 10 & 11

November 7 - November 25, 2016

Here we are! It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN. I leave DC on Friday to ship back up to Boston (I HAD TO) and I am so pumped.

Here’s a list of 12 swiggity swag things I did within the last two weeks: (not chronologically, you stalkers)

  1. My parents and I checked out the revamped Watergate after having brunch at Kingbird. And guess what, guys, there’s poutine on the menu ;)

  2. I finally went to Nellie’s with my coworker Bryan (“hate u love u” is playing in the background) and got him to buy me a drank. Score.

  3. The BRAVO! team went on a site visit to the Hamilton Crowne Plaza and met with Brian the Associate Director of Sales who showed us the property. What a gr8 hotel!

  4. I found my new favorite museum: The Hirshhorn and saw my favorite exhibit of all time: Ragnar Kjartansson with one of my favorite people of all time: Katrina.

  5. I picked out Christmas gifts for 13 children that BRAVO! is sponsoring this Holiday Season. AND I got to assemble two bikes!

  6. The Perry-Lewis clan meandered around the Hill, saw the sights (no RBG tho L), and ate some snacks at Radici (one of my fave SE spots).

  7. I voted and didn’t get what I wanted.

  8. Katrina (my Thanksgiving visitor) and I went to EVERY SINGLE MONUMENT and EVERY SINGLE MEMORIAL because we are THE BEST TOURISTS TO EVER EXIST.

  9. I met up with my cousin, Erin, and had the best ramen *pictured above* I have ever had in my life at Sakuramen in Adams Morgan. Dear lord, god bless. If any of you have the opportunity to go ever in your lives, plz, go.

  10. I gave a pretty great presentation (if I do say so myself) in my Thursday evening class, The Death Penalty, on death-qualified juror bias. Hmu w q’s and I’ll give you a’s!

  11. Katrina stalked dogs all over the city and I tried to make it seem less creepy. *hardcore second hand embarrassment*

  12. I realized that I do actually like DC. You got me.


Check out my next blog post later in the week about my final days in DC! I’ll show you what makes a type A gal like me tick.

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