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Bravo's Favorite Becca: Week 1

Welcome to Bravo's Favorite Becca, Becca Hall's weekly blog about her experience being a spring intern for BRAVO! We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Becca.

This title is misleading. I am actually EVERYONE’S favorite Becca. So you, dear reader, are in good hands.

I am a college senior double majoring in Theatre and Media & Communication. Consequently, I have a lot of opinions about the D.C. arts and storytelling. I also have a lot of half-baked, know-it-all opinions – you know, the kind that people in their 20’s have. But mostly, I think about food. I really, really like food. I love Bravo for many reasons, but one of them is that Bravo feeds me. <3

Therefore, without any future ado, I give you my personal review of all of the places I have eaten since I became a Bravo Girl about three weeks ago! Enjoy…

1. Chipotle

DO NOT GO DURING THE LUNCH RUSH or you will (hypothetically) get stuck behind a 42 year old woman named Sheila who’s ordering lunch for her 8-person office.

2. District Doughnut

I sincerely wonder how all of the men at the marine barracks remain so fit and gorgeous with this place across the street. I’m fairly certain that if Willy Wonka had a section in his chocolate factory to make doughnuts – this would be it. Just so you understand the magnitude of my amazement: They had a crème brulee doughnut, which they put on a pedestal and torched RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I love District Doughnut.

3. Capital Teas

I love tea.Capital teas, please marry me?

4. Spring Mill Bakery

First of all, the people who work here are so nice.I am always helped by the same girl in the morning and she is wonderful.Second of all, I always end up buying far too much here since it is low-priced good food and I have no self-control.Case and point: I went in for a muffin and a coffee today.I left with a grilled cheese and a loaf of Cinnamon Swirl bread.It was worth it.

5. Yes! Organic Market

I eat fresh soup from here almost every single day.They’re a market so they have almost everything else imaginable too, but their soup is where it’s at.Plus, everything’s organic – so obviously, it’s all healthy too…

6. District Taco

District Taco makes fish tacos like a Floridian.I’m a Floridian.So obviously, doing things like a Floridian is an asset.God bless district taco.

7. Sanphan Thai Cuisine

I’ve always avoided Pad Thai because I tried it once and I felt like I was eating mildly flavored plastic strings.But, Sanphan Thai has changed me.There must be something in the noodles.

8. Popeye's

I was sick one week. I like fried chicken when I'm sick.

9. The Sweet Lobby

I heard they won the “Cupcake Wars”.I don’t watch a lot of television, but I was told it was a show where people had a bake-off to protect the honor of their sweets.All I can say is – I definitely understand why people would go to war for these cupcakes.

10. &Pizza

A haiku:

The white girl of food

So basic, saucy, fresh… like,


11. Starbucks


12. Bullfrog Bagels

Breakfast sandwiches aren’t really my thing.But I went inside and tried a bagel one morning anyways, because I like to try to support hipster food joints with organic cold brew coffee made by local businesses and minimalist set-ups.I now like breakfast sandwiches.

13. Café Berlin

The only legitimate sit-down restaurant on this list - Café Berlin's menu is full of traditional German meals, they make everything from scratch, and their waiters are very kind.But most importantly – I heard Bernie Sanders eats there… but so does Steve Bannon…So, idk, do with that information what you will.However, if Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader can agree that this food is amazing, I’m sure you will too.

14. Dunkin Donuts

The have ice cream, coffee, AND donuts!On a slow day, one of the employees helped me concoct the most surgery coffee imaginable.I will always hold that memory near and dear to my heart.

16. Frager's

This is not a food place, I just had to put it on here because I love it so much.The employees know EVERYTHING and they’re all so nice.They even sell art supplies – professional art supplies. I want to live in Frager’s.

Finding my favorite places to eat has just been one of the many opportunities I’ve encountered during my internship. Coming to D.C. from the Florida suburbs has not been easy. I almost didn’t make it through the winter. But, joining the Bravo team has been the biggest blessing. With this team of thoughtful, patient, and exciting women on my side I feel like I may finally belong here. Which is especially nice since I still need to eat my way through 95% of D.C.!

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