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You, Me, and D.C.

Welcome to You, Me, and D.C., Jonah Jackson's weekly blog about his experience being a summer intern for BRAVO! We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Jonah.

Words from the capital: An Intern’s Guide to Planning

Disclaimer: The following explores some of the lessons I have learned on the job this week. Prepare to have some knowledge dropped.

On a site visit to Lansdowne Resort and Spa

As we sat around the conference table for our weekly Tuesday all team meeting, our fearless leader, Nancy Shaffer, remarked in reference to the time required to create a live experience, “it is going to take longer than you think.”

Like all industries, time is a prized commodity. Live experiences are no different. Meeting with clients takes time. Understanding an organization and its mission takes time. The strategic telling of a client’s story takes time, and as I have learned this week, BRAVO! is a company, and the individuals that carry out its day to day operations are committed to affording each and every client the time they need.

As a young professional this is an invaluable lesson. Taken in the context of one’s career, dedicating time takes thoughtful, committed planning - time to realize one’s ultimate goals in the various areas of life and the necessary planning to bring them to fruition. It takes time. (Steps down from soapbox)

Last week included several lunch meetings, site visits, and the acronym RFP (request for proposal) that is almost ubiquitous no matter the conversation when in the District.

In these instances I was able to see the masters at work (Nancy and the awesome Mrs. Kristen Archer) as they committed their time and embraced the painstaking planning process required for live experiencing making (it was truly inspiring).

Live experiences are no joke people!

But here's what you have been waiting for my dear reader.

An intern’s guide to planning:

  1. Learn How to Prioritize When Everything is important. Taking the first step once a goal(s) is set can be daunting, but learning to prioritize actions going forward is imperative.

  2. Balance is everything. Work and play equally as hard.

  3. Nothing rarely goes as planned, but when progress goes off the track - be adaptable.

If this guide has been at all help or if you have a burning question you would like to ask me about BRAVO! or my time in D.C. throw me a line:

Unit next time, this is your favorite BRAVO! Boy.


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