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You, Me, and D.C.

Welcome to You, Me, and D.C., Jonah Jackson's weekly blog about his experience being a summer intern for BRAVO! We love our intern blogs and hope you enjoy following Jonah.

Words from the capital: An intern’s guide to reflection

Disclaimer: Yet again, while the title may imply an ensuing commentary about the nation’s current political climate, this is not (though very tempting). What follows is my assessment of my fleeting time at BRAVO! and any semblance of wisdom I have gained and am able to impart to fellow my interns.

Despite how short my experience, BRAVO!’s fearless leader and her second lieutenant have made it a point to expose me to the inner workings of the firm as much as possible.


In this time, I found the spark that sets BRAVO! apart from the rest (there is a reason why there is an exclamation in its name). The firm’s culture is its identity. During the numerous new business engagement meetings I have been a part of at BRAVO! Nancy is guaranteed to say, “We are a boutique firm. In its 20 years, BRAVO! has not been more than 10 people strong and that is intentional; because from the top down each person is intimately involved with each project.”

Reader, you might be thinking, why does this culture of individual attention and specialization matter? Simple: no two clients are alike. BRAVO! does not sort its clients into prefabricated templates, but rather starts from the ground up to understand a client’s needs and how BRAVO! could tell their story.


With graduation from college looming in my future (May 2018) the word “purpose” is constantly on my mind. I have heard the question, “what are you plans after college?” is one of the most terrifying phrases in the English language, but in my time at BRAVO! “purpose” seems less daunting – more manageable.

Nancy frequently says “BRAVO!’s size allows it to remain true to its purpose and values. There are things we champion and thus there are entities we just will not work with.”

BRAVO!’ s purpose is to further the mission of its clients and aiding them in telling their stories. What more could one ask for, but to be engage in purposeful, mission driven work?

But enough about me here is what you been waiting for dear reader.

An intern’s guide to reflection:

  1. Reflection should be done regularly.

  2. Constructive criticism is necessary for effective reflection.

  3. Reference what you have learned about yourself through reflection, in your next professional interview when the interviewer asks your strengths and weaknesses.

Until next time, this is your favorite BRAVO! Boy signing off.


P.s. in terms of post-graduation plans, I am looking into a future in plastics (bravo to the readers who get the reference. Mrs. Robinson would be proud)

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