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The Simpsonnnn(s)

Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Simpson, a soon to be Sophomore at Spelman College, serving as one of the summer interns at BRAVO! this year.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, but raised in Washington, DC, I have always loved bustling cities. I can’t remember a time where I’ve been away from a bumpin’, busy, boisterous city for more than a month, and instead in a calm, collected, cool location, and genuinely preferred the quietness.

Luckily for me, Nancy has provided an environment at our office (in the ever-moving neighborhood of Capitol Hill) where thinking out loud isn’t encouraged, but required, and tasks are always waiting to be completed-- from internal BRAVO! work, to interacting hands on, one-on-one with other companies. Staying engaged and following the office rules of always sharing your ideas allows my busy-body to actually fully generate new ideas instead of keeping quiet or tucking said brainstorms away and forgetting them.

On my FIRST week with BRAVO! I assisted Nancy with a friends 60th birthday party. Seems simple right? Initially, I thought so to. The reality of event planning isn’t just a fun game of perfecting a color scheme, or deciding which cake to get. It’s more! It’s way, way more than anyone could ever imagine unless they’re in the position themselves. It takes someone with a diversified skill set, a wealth of knowledge in so many different aspects, people skills, high organizational skills, the ability to adapt to certain scenarios in an instant and so forth… “party”/event planning holds a greater dynamic than most see/understand. The final event I will be able to work with BRAVO! Is on August 4th, and I can’t wait to see my progression from my first event, to my last.

Can't wait to talk to ya'll again on the next post of The Simpsonnnn(s)! Don't forget to read my co-intern's, Marie, blog!

Taylor :)

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