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Marie's Monday Memo

Hello everyone! Guess who’s back for a second year here at BRAVO!? Yes, lil’ ol’ Marie has returned to the big city. A lot has changed since I was last at my desk writing my weekly blog post. This year I return a high school graduate. It is bittersweet to experience all of those last times in high school but I am extremely excited for my future. In the upcoming fall I will move to South Carolina to attend Clemson University. It is at Clemson that I will study Communications.

During moments of reflection, like while writing these blog post, I often feel like I am too young to be making major life choices. Then I remind myself that I also felt too young and naive to come to this internship last year and yet I found my way and was able to succeed. I am so happy to return to BRAVO! and see where this summer takes me.

I’ll be leaving for Hawaii in a couple days so I’ll write again when I return. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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