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Dunagan Does DC & Amani's Angle

Welcome to this week with Jess and Amani,

This past week has been a good one. We got to go to an event titled; Get That Festive Feeling: Holiday Sneak Peek at the Mandarin Oriental .The Mandarin partnered with several industry firms; florist, entertainment, decor, rentals, and lighting to host event for event and wedding planners to showcase some of their new, exciting offerings for the holiday season. Together they created an experience of ideas; it was all very pretty and executed with style.

To make this event even better, we got to try a bunch of different food from the mandarin chefs. There was a seafood section, which was Amani’s favorite because she is pescatarian which means she does not eat meat but she does eat seafood. She was enjoying all the food she had tried BUT she ate some chicken thinking it was tofu and it was too funny as she was so concerned at what had just happened. Not to worry, she survived her run in with chicken. We really enjoyed the dessert selection. There were a ton of desserts to try and we constantly were getting up and trying them all. Jess’s favorite was the one in the picture to the right. We aren’t sure what it is called or what is on top, but boy it tasted good. Also, We both tried eel for the first time. It wasn't as bad as we thought, but we won't seek it out again soon. The fear of the unknown often stops us from something good. It is always good to try new things and push the limits.

The hotel shined showing Christmas decorations and delicious new items. The pastry chef created a ginger bread house. As we were walking around, we saw the ginger bread house and all the items to decorated it but not the chef. Therefore, we thought we could decorate it ourselves. Unfortunately this was not how it was intended to work. When the chef came back, he smiled; let us know it was not intended to be a guest activity; he was suppose to decorate but let us keep going. He was a nice guy but Amani did not want to take a picture with her fellow decorator (the chef) but there is a picture to show her decorating career to the right. Please enjoy her artwork.

Event Partners:

-Mandarin Oriental

-Party Rentals

-Edge Florals

-Bialek Entertainment

-Jacqui Photographer

-Booth O Rama

-Ampa Events

Jess & Amani

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