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Lesley Jones-2010 Intern

I started volunteering with BRAVO! in the summer of 2009 (I think, it's been so long!). I began as an intern in July 2010, and became a full-time employee in January 2011 and I continued working there as a project manager until December 2014.

I'm now based in Minnesota, and I'm a Program Manager with SHL US LLC, a global organization that designs personality, behavioral and ability assessments.

There are so many great memories to choose from, but what always stands out for me is that moment during an event when things are going well and our team could look across at each other, knowing that we played an integral part in the success of our client's event. Those memories always make me smile, because I worked with a wonderful team!

Working at BRAVO! taught me to be ethical, resilient, hard-working, unyielding, thick-skinned, direct but fair and, most of all, compassionate. I am most certainly a better, stronger woman because of my time at BRAVO!

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