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Amani's Angle

Welcome back guys! I have had an amazing week. My birthday was on Tuesday July 9th. I celebrated all weekend long. The fun thing about my birthday is that it’s close to 4th of July, when a lot of different events are going on and people come into town and we have Thursday and Friday off.

I celebrated my birthday on Sunday and had a brunch that turned into a day party. It was located at The Park at 14th. Which is a nightclub and on some weekends they have brunch available. The brunch definitely was my favorite part. They had this grilled, seasoned salmon that was delicious with every bite. They had waffles that tasted like cake and mac and cheese that melted in your mouth. And they had bottomless mimosas that came out every time you finished a bottle. The music was good as well. There was a young audience, I’d say everyone there were in their 20s early 30s. In order to enter you had to be 21 years old and there was a dress code. One of my friends actually couldn’t get in because of the dress code. Although, I did understand the dynamic of the event was amazing I felt like I had to be invited in order to go. Very classy, I definitely would recommend this place to anyone having a birthday party or celebration.

On my actual birthday on Tuesday I had to work and I had to take an afternoon class at The Washington center. I was really not looking forward to all of the responsible/ adult things I had to do on my birthday but I did it anyways. That’s a part of growing up right? On Tuesday, I didn’t want to make my birthday a big deal so I didn’t say anything about to anyone at work. Then when we were making a social media post trying to figure out what significant day it was I told Mrs. Nancy it was my birthday. The whole BRAVO! team was surprised and were mad I didn’t say anything sooner. Within the next 10 minutes they called me into the conference room and had amazing Sweet Lobby cupcakes with candles, a gift, a card and were signing Happy Birthday. It was the cutest thing! I was so surprised at how fast they put it together, it was so sweet. Benefits of working at an event firm!

Clearly this blog was just about my birthday. But I mean hey, what’s wrong with that?

-Amani’s Angle

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