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Emma Welsh-Where is She Now

2014 TWC Fall BRAVO! Intern

I am currently based in London, working for a PR company called KK Communications. I work with a variety of food and beverage clients including alcohol brands and top London bars and restaurants

Thinking back one of my favorite memories while working at BRAVO! was our trip to New York to produce the New York stem Cell Foundation fundraising gala. It was a real highlight of my time at BRAVO! I remember thinking how privileged I felt to be going on a work trip to New York, the city I have always dreamed to live and work in. Not to mention the event was very special. I would also have to say both our Halloween party and having the opportunity to take a tour round the White House with Randy (our event contact) were highlights as well.

BRAVO! taught me more than just event planning specifics, they taught me to be confident in my decisions and gave me my first experience into real everyday working life. Having Nancy as a role model is something I often think about and reference back to in my current role. One thing that I always think about and reference is our weekly all hands meetings. At the beginning of every one Nancy would go around the room and ask how everyone’s families and personal lives were, it’s a small gesture from an employer that I believe goes a really long way with employees, at least it did for me and it’s something I’ve kept with me and now use myself when working with my teams.

Working at BRAVO! was an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity, that I will always remember. The BRAVO! Team became my family whilst being so far away from HOME, I was an international TWC intern from Gibraltar (located on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula), and I will always be thankful for that. As they say and I believe Once a BRAVO! Girl Always a BRAVO! girl, I might be far away but that will never change!

My first “job” in the states and hopefully not my last!

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