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Top 3 Versatile Centerpiece Décor

Whether you’re dealing with a restricted floral budget or want to show your own creativity, we've have a couple favorite ideas and tricks to creating fabulous centerpieces without spending an exorbitant amount of money. Check out our suggestions below, as well as a gallery of our work!

Mercury Glass Globes

These unique glass globes feature a hollow interior that can be filled with multiple lighting options. we use fairy lights which illuminate the mercury-style globes to create amazing visuals that work great with your event lighting.The color options are limitless, this is a great way to use brand or event colors for added impact.

Glass Fishbowls

A common household item for anyone who has ever won a fish from the fair, but a very useful décor piece in centerpiece creation. The versatility of the space within the bowl allows you to fill it with almost anything, from sea glass, sand, colored water, candy etc. We love to mix simple florals in with our bowls to create a juxtaposition of the hard in soft in our design. For a playful and fun look, we've even used fish.

Cylinder Glass Vases

Similar to the fishbowl, these glass vases can be filled with a variety of materials that correlate with your event theme. Moving away from traditional floral arrangements and getting creative with building these vases can elevate any event and help add a modern flair. We like to mix vases of differing heights to add dimension to our tables. The vases are also a great way to incorporate branding by using a graphic wraparound.


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