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Making Social Media Work for Your Event Campaign and Brand – Part Two

As a strategic event design and management firm, BRAVO! realizes how crucial developing a strong social media presence is for producing a successful and marketable event. The impact you make online can transform a guest’s experience into an engaging extension of a company’s brand and messaging. We’ve created a short article series to help illustrate the importance of different social media platforms and how to best make social media work for your organization. If you didn’t get to read Part One, you can find catch up here.

Please read below for a few of our insights and tips on how BRAVO! approaches the integration of event-based social media.

Developing Your Social Media Platforms

1. Be consistent and true to the platforms:

Don’t overthink – with your visual marketing and messaging, consistent branding of you and your event are key. Get your look and message down and then play to the strengths of your platforms. Gorgeous images? Schedule them on Instagram to hit when you can’t be live. Awesome keynote quotes? Get those out in real-time on Twitter. On Facebook, use the interactive nature of the comment section to engage those in attendance and entice those who should have come. Stay on message, but don’t share the same things everywhere. Give your user a reason to engage with you in more than one place.

2. Be true to your brand:

While it is tempting to skew to the excitement of social, be sure to be honest about the communication of your brand, your event, and your organization. Stylize the overall look within the parameters of the platforms – but do so with the tone of your event. Your guests should arrive in the room and feel they have been a part of the experience since they first began following you. If your communications have communicated an energy that is not consistent with the reality, a negative feeling will arise.

3. Be stylish:

Keep things looking consistent. This can include doing white borders on each photograph shared to Instagram, or using a specific color overlay or filter on each photo. One of our favorite concepts that we like to employ, with purpose, is to start out an Instagram feed with color-specific photos that move in sequence to the colors of the rainbow, a fun way to present messaging for national events like Pride.

Thank you for engaging with BRAVO! Events. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our company and our services! We’ll be back with Part Three of this series for the next Wisdom Wednesday!

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