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Making Social Media Work for Your Event Campaign and Brand – Part Four

As a strategic event design and management firm, BRAVO! realizes how crucial developing a strong social media presence is for producing a successful and marketable event. The impact you make online can transform a guest’s experience into an engaging extension of a company’s brand and messaging. We’ve created a short article series to help illustrate the importance of different social media platforms and how to best make social media work for your organization. If you didn’t get to read the previous entries in this series, be sure to check out Part One, Part Two , and Part Three!

Please read below for a few of our insights and tips on how BRAVO! approaches the integration of event-based social media.

Overcoming Obstacles and Additional Tips

1. Fear of social broadcast reducing attendees:

We’ve worked with groups concerned that opening “live” social interactions will reduce member desire to attend an event. While this may be true on a full live-streamed event, we have found that using small scale live interactions creates a sense of missed opportunity for those who didn’t come – and a feeling of "specialness" for those who are there and look back on the messaging at a later date. Using these posts as you promote a future event can remind users what they may have missed – giving them another reason to register and attend in person!

2. Fear of alienation:

Some organizations find it concerning to reach in to the social space – are you missing traditional audiences? Are you alienating your non-social groups? We believe that this is an enhancement, not a separation. For those who aren’t sure what to do you can create fun and easy tutorials to bring people to a platform they might not know well.

3. Finding Your Voice:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different media platforms! Researching your audience can give you a great base to build a successful campaign for your brand or event, however you may find that what works best is simple trial and error. Learn from your guests so you can continue to grow. Social media is a tool for your organization to re-invigorate or re-enforce your brand’s identity which will ultimately create the space for amazing live experiences along with happy and loyal guests.

4. Engaging During The Event :

Social Media is not just for pre or post event; make sure that you have the hashtag visible to remind people to live tweet.In addition consider using a photo experience that is tied to social media.We often use “photo booths” that do not print the image but rather the guest has the option to email it, Facebook it, tweet etc.This not only allows your event to reach a greater audience it also helps capture email address’ you may not have.Many of these booths or systems allow you to also place a brand mark or message on the photo that they receive.

Thank you for engaging with BRAVO! Events. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our company and our services! We hope you've enjoyed this blog mini-series on #WisdomWednesday!

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