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The Simpsonnnn(s)

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another episode of The Simpsonnnn(s) on BRAVO!. This week I’ll be talking about balancing your personal life and work through a personal experience of my own. Now obviously, I am not of an old age (18 turning 19 in less than a month!), but I do believe I have some advice to give on the subject

*This picture is about 3-4 years old!

My grandmother who lives in Georgia, has been battling a severe case of Alzheimer's/dementia for quite some time. Unfortunately, now she is weeks, days, or even hours from finishing her fight. As her first grandchild, my grandmother, I call her Mimi, has cherished me like no other, constantly showering me with love and affection. She loves my sister the exact same amount as she loves me, but she LOVED reminding me I was her "first grandbaby!"

There are SO many memories resurfacing from the deepest part of my mind, and each one fills me with love and sorrow. My mimi taught me to always: have your hair done, look presentable and stylish, listen to music & dance always, binge watch TV shows, eat ice cream (Bluebell of course) daily, and always butter your dinner bread rolls. She also taught me to hold yourself prim, proper, and poised, to cherish your loved ones/memories (and make it obvious you were doing so), and do for others even without the guarantee of reciprocation,

While her death is inevitable and somewhat expected, it hurts nonetheless. My biggest wish is that I appreciated her more, in every aspect. Notice how I chose my words… “wish” versus “regret.” It is so important to cherish memories and people instead of criticizing yourself after the fact for the way you may have interacted with or loved a person. I know my mimi knew how much I loved her. And more importantly, I know how much she loved me.

Now that this time has come around, I am sad. It’s natural. But, now the opportunity to continue her legacy and go through life in a way where I reach my maximum potential, and make her proud of the woman she knows I would become is upon me.

In life, it’s important to love. Love is everything. Loving others, but also loving yourself. Loving yourself enables you to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.). While working is important (keep your brain active!), it is okay to take a step back and keep yourself collected. On the other hand, it is also okay to consume yourself in your work IF that’s what allows you to stay happy and focused, and you don’t neglect your well-being. At the end of the day, awareness of your mental state will really guide you through life. Share your emotions with others, check-in with yourself every day, tell the ones you love that you love them! Stay positive, realistic, and cut yourself some slack every now and then. Surround yourself with those who wholesomely support you-- luckily enough, I have overwhelming love from my family, and Nancy is the best boss I’ve ever had. She knows how to talk to people under any circumstance, and endorses putting importance on sustaining a healthy lifestyle in all aspects. If your boss isn’t understanding, reach out to coworkers to help you get through the day. Remember, there is ALWAYS someone to go to for help, conversation, advice, etc. Just reach out!

I really hope this resonated with even just one reader, and that my outlook/advice was helpful and memorable. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or additional advice!

See ya next time,


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