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Celebrating National Intern Day

Jess, Marie, & Amani

Summer 2019 Interns


When I became an intern at BRAVO! I was so excited because I was happy to have found an internship and honestly to have just figured out what I would be doing for the summer. This is my first internship and my first experience outside of the classroom in an office. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect and was nervous about having to write a blog about myself because I am not a big writer. Hopefully, they have gotten better each week, you all can let me know about that. Its been 7 weeks since I started and I am so happy that I have had the opportunity to work at BRAVO! It has completely changed my view of working. The environment at BRAVO! is so welcoming and l have really enjoyed it. My time here has gotten me really excited to enter the working world and not so excited to go back to class in a few weeks. Reaching out to all the past interns, reading about their experiences, and creating their blogs, has me thinking of all the paths that I can take from here as they were once in the same place as me. As I enter my last year of college, I can reflect on the impact I am currently experiencing and use it as a stepping stone for the next chapter in my life. Thank you BRAVO! I too will always be a BRAVO! Girl.


BRAVO! has impacted my life in many ways. It is the best internship I could have ever imagined. When you think of internships you think of getting coffee, running errands and filing papers. We do that too, BUT so much more! The environment we work in is very personal and free. Nancy tells us every day to say what is on our mind, create and think out loud. I have learned to be more vocal with my ideas and be able to express myself in a work place, which I never have done before. I have also learned professionalism. On my first day, we attended a meeting with Nancy and one of her clients. When they introduced themselves, Jessica and I smiled and said okay. Right then and there she gave me my first lesson of many “When someone introduces themselves to you, you tell them your name as well”. You would think its common sense to say my name but as an intern I thought I was just there to observe. From that point on I kind of understood what Nancy wanted from us as interns. She wanted and expected us to be a part of the team. We represented BRAVO! Not just shadowing her as an Entrepreneur. Nancy is a mentor for me, she has always helped me evaluate my personal life and plan for my future. This experience has been a life lesson and it has definitely helped me figure out what I want to do with my career. As a recent graduate, I was unsure about where I was going next. With the help of Nancy and my BRAVO! experience I now know what I am capable of. It is only up from here! My internship may be coming to an end soon but I am and always will be a BRAVO! Girl.


To simply state it, BRAVO! has been an absolutely life changing experience for me. I have been able to spend two amazing summers working with Nancy and the BRAVO! team. Nancy took a chance on me; she hired me when I was only 16 years old. I am so thankful that she did because I have been able to spend my last two summers before college in an office atmosphere. My time at BRAVO! has helped me discover my major, communications with a minor in non-profit management, as well as possible careers I would like to pursue. It has been more than a regular internship because I have built wonderful relationships with my co-workers and have become more comfortable sharing my ideas in the workplace. I find so much joy in coming to work and talking with Nancy, be it heated debates over The Bachelorette, what lies ahead in life or just about any other subject and then there is laughing in the back room with my fellow interns (while we work). My time at BRAVO! had been absolutely irreplaceable. As I look ahead to the next chapter and starting college I know I am and always will be a BRAVO! Girl.

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