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Tracy Parcor-Fall 2015

I interned at BRAVO! in the fall of 2015.

I actually just moved back to DC within the past year after living in NYC for a couple years. I currently work as a manager at a tech company doing marketing and advertising.

My favorite memory working at BRAVO! would probably be our trip to NYC working on the New York Stem Cell Foundation Gala at the Old Post Office in the city. It was a really unique opportunity to see the event to fruition and get to work with an organization that has such a huge impact. It was organized chaos but I remember it being a ton of fun.

As a whole, my BRAVO! experience allowed me to really step out of my comfort zone for the first time. I was working on a huge segment of marketing that I had never interacted with before. It gave me a much wider lens and understanding on the amount of work that goes into any event (whether it be a 5k with thousands of t-shirt’s to distribute or a full-blown 200 person gala). Working on everything from vendors to graphic design, attention to detail, tenacity, and communication are imperative—all of which I have taken with me to implement in ventures after BRAVO!.

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